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2019. 02
Effective immediately, receive one FREE SAMPLE pack (valued at $13) of the reishi 3D face mask to try, with purchase of select Mitsuwa products (Super Cordyceps, Super-3, Collagen Pure and Reishi Body Cream) online or by phone! Limited 1 sheet per order. Limited quantities available, while supplies last.

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2019. 01
MTW Intense Hydrating Reishi 3D Face Mask is infused with the unique Miracle Reishi Beauty Serum to nourish and moisturize your skin. (Learn More)

2018. 03
MTW Reishi Body Cream TV commercial is now aired in TVB US! ( Click here to view)

2018. 03
NEW PRODUCT RELEASED! MTW Reishi Body Cream contains unique ingredients (such as red reishi extract, CoQ10, and lavender essential oil) which provide an intensive supply of moisture for softer and smoother skin.
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2016. 11
Mitsuwa® Okinawa 28 Greens TV commercial is now aired in TVB US!
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2016. 10
NEW PRODUCT RELEASE! Mitsuwa® Okinawa 28 Greens, the latest Japanese greens superfood, is now available as a new healthy alternative for a balanced diet for both men and women!
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Okinawa 28 Greens is very similar to Matcha tea.
What is the difference?

Who is suitable to take Super Ume?
What are the benefits?

Why is ume (Japanese apricot) considered as an “alkaline food” even though it tastes so sour?

Will Mitsuwa Collagen Pure dissolve in water? Is it an issue with the quality of Mitsuwa Collage Pure if it does not dissolve totally in water?

How do I select a high quality Cordyceps product?

How to consume Mitsuwa Collagen Pure?

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